My first garments as a returnee sewer

Hello Lovelies

I wasn’t really sure whether to blog about the following two blouses and the longer I’ve left it the more I’ve debated shelving the post and moving onto more recent makes.  The reason for my dilemma is that I made these blouses all the way back last summer so it feels like a bit of a cheat writing about them now, almost 7 months later.   Not only that, but the lilac blouse was the very first garment I made when I returned to sewing last year after a 30 year break.  Even though I had sewn a lot in the past, such a long break meant that I was pretty much a newbie, I could remember almost nothing about sewing or how to put a garment together.  Having said that, now I look at the photos (and the blouse) I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.


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Greenstyle Laurel Tunic In Powder Blue

Hello Lovelies

It is such a bright sunny day here in North Wales that I had to photograph the view from my back garden this morning.  We have had days on end of grey drizzle and so to see the sun again is a balm to the soul.  Having said it is sunny, don’t be fooled.  That is snow on the mountains and it is bitterly cold – as I found out when I came outside to get these photos taken in nothing more than a thin top!


I had many plans in place this weekend, I was going to spring clean the house, clear out all of the accumulated junk from cupboards and drawers and then treat the family to a home cooked Sunday lunch with all of the trimmings.  But, none of that has happened – oops.  I genuinely did have the best of intentions but yesterday morning I sat reading blog posts whilst drinking my coffee.  I came across the Greenstyle Laurel tunic on one such post and then started looking at photos of other versions and then next thing I knew I had purchased the pdf, downloaded and then printed it out.  Second coffee in hand and I’m cutting out the pieces and putting them together.  Before I knew it the day had gone, my cupboards were still messy but I was in possession of a brand new Laurel tunic – so in my book, not a bad day really.

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A Moneta in green

Hello Lovelies

Gosh it seems like a lifetime ago since I last wrote a blog post – well it was nearly two months ago.  Since then Christmas and New Year have been and gone and I’ve been on my holiday of a lifetime.  We set sail from Southampton on 2nd January to a huge firework display put on by Southampton Council to mark the beginning of the Aurora’s world cruise – it was something special to be on the deck watching the display and realising that I was setting off on a huge adventure.

The first couple of days on the cruise were difficult, to say the least.  We hit storms almost straight away and as we reached the Bay of Biscay we had 50 foot waves and a force 9 gale coming at us.  Trying to sleep in a bed that rolls you literally over to one side and then immediately back to the other throughout the night is impossible – believe me, I have tried it and don’t ever want to do so again!  I think me and the Bay of Biscay are not deemed to be friends.

Our first port of call was Ponta Del Garda in the Azures where we were met by grey drizzly weather and so unfortunately we didn’t really see very much.  However just a couple of days later we were hitting temperatures over 20 and lovely balmy seas.  We had two days in Barbados where a couple of the photos below were taken.  After that we visited Aruba, sailed through the Panama Canal (wow!) and finally Cabo San Lucas in Mexico before sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge at 5am and docking in San Francisco.

My hubby flew out to meet me in SF and after a couple of days there we flew to Los Angeles, had a couple of days there, then onto Las Vegas where we managed to fit in a couple of amazing shows and a helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon.  And we finished our holiday in Washington DC where the remnants of the huge snow storms were still in evidence.

Anyway, now I’m home, settling back to real life and itching to start sewing new projects again – of which I have many planned.  However, this blog post is about a Moneta dress that I sewed before my holiday and didn’t get a chance to blog about (good job really or I wouldn’t have been able to post the photos of me wearing it in Barbados)


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