Greenstyle Laurel tunic in Liberty jersey

On Friday the sun put in a rare appearance, indeed I would go so far as to say it was almost warm.  Now most ‘normal’ people would think things like ‘lovely, I’ll go for a walk’ or ‘a perfect day for gardening.’ But not me, my first thought was ‘who can I drag outside to take photos of my new top?’  I eventually persuaded (ok bribed is more accurate) son no. 2 to take a few for me.  But darn, the sun was so bright that most of them were over exposed and I had to resort to getting the rest taken inside.  But no matter, needs must.


The pattern

I made my first version of the Greenstyle Laurel tunic last month (see here) and I knew immediately that it would be a top that I would want to make over and over again.  I would even go so far as to say that it is my favourite pattern to date – I really love the way that I feel when I’m wearing it.  It skims over all of my lumpy bits and has that really adorable cowl neck that adds plenty of interest.

The pdf pattern can be purchased from here

The fabric


I had the most amazing bargain with this fabric during the Black Friday sale last year.  It is Liberty Dufour jersey and I managed to pick up 2 meters from an ebay seller for just £15!  You can’t normally buy even one meter for that price.

The fabric is 95% viscose and 5% elastane.  It has a beautiful drape and sews up like a dream.


The Laurel tunic uses their own unique sizing system which is easy to understand, simply find your measurements on the pattern and read off their size equivalent.  With a full bus measurement of 45 I went with the 2XL size.

As per my previous version I made the tunic length again although I am sorely tempted for my next version to try the knee length – I think this would make a great dress.  I also chose the long sleeves – it is still too chilly here right now to contemplate making anything shorter.  I know I should be thinking ahead to warmer days but I’m a ‘live for now’ type of person.



There were a number of alterations which I thought I needed after making my first version and yes, I know I should have done them, but I wanted a quick fix project and they were just minor tweaks after all, I will do them for my next version, promise.

The one alteration that I did do was to take a further 1 1/2” off the sleeves (I had already removed 2 inches last time) so that meant in total I reduced the sleeve length by 3 ½” – eek do I have abnormally short arms?


The finished top

I love it, need I say more?  Well yes, I guess I ought to.

I am prone to repeating myself (just ask my hubby) so yes, I really like this pattern.  On top of that, when it is made in gorgeous Liberty jersey it is always going to be a winner in my book.  It feels luxurious, it feels comfortable and I feel darn good when I’m wearing it.

I’ve already got two more tops lined up ready to be made and even better, they are going to be in summer designs so it looks like I can wear Laurel tunics all year round.

Things that didn’t go well or things I would change next time

I still need to make the following changes which were identified from my first top and that I was too lazy to do this time round. They are:

  • A narrow shoulder adjustment of ½ “
  • The sleeves took quite a bit of easing into the armsyce they were quite a bit larger. As I had plenty of room in the sleeves then next time I will go down a size just for the sleeves to an XL.  Hopefully this will reduce the amount of extra fabric from the sleeve head.
  • There is some excess fabric at either side of my bust which has led to diagonal lines. This is also repeated on the back.  I’m not 100% sure what causes those diagonal lines – can anyone help me out with ideas?


Cost to make

2 meters of Liberty jersey at £15.00 (total)

1 reel of Gutterman thread – £1.70

Total cost to make:  £16.70

8 thoughts on “Greenstyle Laurel tunic in Liberty jersey

  1. This is such a lovely top! The Liberty dufour certainly makes it stand out. Plus, what a great deal! I made a Colette Moneta with some and it’s one of my favorite dresses to wear. Also, isn’t it a shame about the bright sun? I’m eternally looking good places to take photos outside when the sun is too bright.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Tanya, I feel so comfortable and relaxed when I’m wearing it. If Liberty fabric wasn’t so expensive I could see myself switching to using it for everything. It really makes a garment feel that little bit extra special.

      I was so excited to see the sun and to be able to take photos outside – what a disappointment when they came out so over exposed. At least spring is almost here so hopefully there will be plenty of opportunities to get outside now.


  2. Hi Debbie, that’s a lovely top and looks as comfortable as you say it feels. I know you have the SFD Kit so you might find it useful to iron out any fitting issues you think you may have. I’m sure we are all more self critical than we should be, your top really looks great on you.


    • Hi Jan
      Yes, you are absolutely right, I often think we are our own worst critics and see faults that others would never spot in a million years. I really do need to get on with my SFD blueprints as I spend hours getting the fit of each commercial pattern right and I know if I got myself sorted, it would be so much easier going forward. Debbie x


    • Thanks so much Trisha. Yes, I am sold on Liberty jersey, it is worth the money (although in this case I know I was lucky to get such a bargain).

      Debbie x

      Liked by 1 person

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