Me Made May 16 – a personal challenge

Eek, I’ve just signed up to my first Me Made May challenge.

Me Made May has been running for a number of years and is organised by the amazing Zoe from So, Zo .. What Do You Know? and also Jen of Jennifer Lauren Vintage.

I’ve been following other bloggers who have taken part in the challenges for the past couple of years but I didn’t start my own sewing journey until late last year, so even if I had wanted to take part before now it wasn’t possible.

If you are interested in taking part, Zoe has put up a sign-up post over on blog.

I’ve pledged to wear at least one me made item of clothing each day throughout the month of May.  That might not sound like very challenging to many other sewers but to me it is an almighty hurdle and one that I really want to tackle.

As you know, if you follow my blog, I’ve already made a number of dresses and tops.  I’ve photographed them, I’ve blogged about them and then almost 100% without fail, I’ve put them on a lovely padded coat hanger, protected them with a dress cover and then put them in my wardrobe, never to be worn again.  I love to look at them but I just can’t bring myself to wear them for normal, everyday things.  Each morning I automatically reach for my old sloppy, ill fitting clothes in which I can slouch around the house without fear of them getting damaged.

My friends are forever telling me off for basically looking a bit of a mess.  They have tried on many occasions to get me to wear the clothes I’ve made but I’m always ready with an excuse, ‘Oh I just wanted a comfy day’ or ‘I’ve got batch cooking to do and I’ll get them stained’.  I know that the only person I’m kidding is myself and that it is crazy not to be wearing the lovely things I’ve made.  So what if they get damaged or marked?

I can’t explain why I do this, I know it is odd and it is something that I really want to get to grips with.  Hence, signing up for MMM16 and committing to wearing one item of self made clothing per day, is as you can hopefully see, a massive personal challenge.  I’m really hoping that taking part will help me confront my irrational behaviour and get me used to wearing items as part of my normal, everyday life, rather than just as a very rare treat.

I plan to post a weekly round up of the outfits I’ve worn both as part of my commitment to the challenge and also to prove to others that I’m making progress.


14 thoughts on “Me Made May 16 – a personal challenge

  1. I used to feel just like that but get more pleasure out of wearing homemade now. Especially because of the comments I get as it’s usually distinctive as something you can’t get in the shops. All the linen things I made last year went down a bomb with everyone so no doubt I’ll be wearing them to death again this year. I’ve never done MMM though….

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    • Hi Sheila
      This will by my first MMM. I’m really hoping it will result in a big change of attitude for me as I want to get past this block I have of wearing my hand made clothes. Like you, when I do wear them I always get lovely compliments 🙂

      Debbie x

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  2. I’ve never done MMM as May is not different from April or June for me. I wear my handmades all the time, mixed with RTW without making distinction between the two. I live by the ‘if you sew what you wear, you’ll wear what you sew’-rule. So apart from jackets and dresses I need to make tops that can be worn while gardening, cleaning the house or baking cookies. The best thing about those tops? If I stain or tear them, I can buy more fabric 😉 Handmades are easier to replace than RTW! The more you make, the easier it gets. Your dresses and tops deserve to come off those padded coat hangers, I’ll be cheering for you in May!

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    • Aww thanks Marianne.

      I’m aiming to get myself closer to your attitude, it is so much more healthy and sensible than mine. You are right, I should be protecting my RTW rather than my makes, because as you say, hand made is actually so much easier to replace – such wisdom 🙂

      Debbie xx


  3. You can do it! 🙂 I make clothes that I can also wear around the house and do gardening, etc in. They’re usually the knit dresses in cold weather and comfortable lightweight dresses for warm weather. The nicer stuff I wear when I go out. I do hope you wear more of your me-mades. But like you, I wouldn’t be gardening/baking/lounging in Liberty! Lol:)

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    • Hi Tanya.
      Funnily enough, until both you and Marianne mentioned making clothes specifically to wear around the house and for doing the slightly messier jobs it never occurred to me to do this. And yet, I have RTW that I bought and use just for housework/gardening type jobs and then RTW that I keep for going out. What you have both said makes perfect sense. I just need to make clothes with that purpose in mind and then keep the rest for best. I think I might have just turned a corner with my thinking – thank you!

      Debbie x


  4. We were trained to save our Good stuff for special occasions. Like the good furniture in the living room which we don’t use or live in. 😏 I do the same thing but I am trying to change. I am starting by making retro kitchen aprons and garden smock. Glad you are participating in Mmm16


    • Hi Cookie
      Yes, that’s what drives me (I think). When I grew up we used to have a ‘best’ wardrobe which was only worn on very special days – which meant hardly at all. I like your idea of making aprons. The ones I own are pretty dire and don’t really cover that much. I’d like to have a go at some of the retro aprons, the ones with the frills down the sides – why not look nice while cooking? 🙂

      Debbie x


  5. Debbie, I’m sooo pleased that you have signed up to MMMay16 to help you get out of the rut of not wearing your gorgeous self-made clothes. Hopefully after 31 days of ‘forcing’ yourself to reach for self-made garments every morning, it will eventually feel much more natural, if not second-nature!


    • Hi Zoe
      That’s what I’m really hoping to get out of MMM16. I want it to become second nature to wear my own clothes, especially as they are more comfortable than RTW!
      Debbie x


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