Lady Skater dress in purple

Hello Lovelies

With less than three weeks to go until The Big Cruise (Southampton UK to San Francisco) I’m starting to panic that I haven’t made enough dresses.  Not only will I need day wear but also evening wear – even if I don’t go to the posh black tie evenings I know I will still want to dress up a little for dinner.

And to make it even more complicated, we will be leaving the UK slap bang in the middle of winter with temperatures around freezing, then sailing into warmer climates until we hit Barbados which apparently has an average temperature of 29 degrees that time of year.  We then carry on to Mexico (average 23 degrees) ending up in SF which should be about 13 degrees.  After short stops at Los Angeles and Las Vegas we round off the holiday in Washington DC – which I am led to believe will be very cold in February.  So not only do I need day and evening wear, I need a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter wardrobe – eek!

Anyway, with that in mind, my latest make is my first Lady Skater dress from Kitschy Coo.   I’ve seen so many gorgeous Lady Skater dresses around the blogosphere that I just wanted to make one myself.   I really love my Moneta dress but the gathers make me feel that it is more suited to wearing in the daytime.  Whereas I can imagine myself wearing the Lady Skater not only during the day but also dressing it up with a nice jacket for the evening– in fact, I wore this dress last week with my purple Morris jacket and I felt very smart.


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