Greenstyle Laurel tunic in Liberty jersey

On Friday the sun put in a rare appearance, indeed I would go so far as to say it was almost warm.  Now most ‘normal’ people would think things like ‘lovely, I’ll go for a walk’ or ‘a perfect day for gardening.’ But not me, my first thought was ‘who can I drag outside to take photos of my new top?’  I eventually persuaded (ok bribed is more accurate) son no. 2 to take a few for me.  But darn, the sun was so bright that most of them were over exposed and I had to resort to getting the rest taken inside.  But no matter, needs must.

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Greenstyle Laurel Tunic In Powder Blue

Hello Lovelies

It is such a bright sunny day here in North Wales that I had to photograph the view from my back garden this morning.  We have had days on end of grey drizzle and so to see the sun again is a balm to the soul.  Having said it is sunny, don’t be fooled.  That is snow on the mountains and it is bitterly cold – as I found out when I came outside to get these photos taken in nothing more than a thin top!


I had many plans in place this weekend, I was going to spring clean the house, clear out all of the accumulated junk from cupboards and drawers and then treat the family to a home cooked Sunday lunch with all of the trimmings.  But, none of that has happened – oops.  I genuinely did have the best of intentions but yesterday morning I sat reading blog posts whilst drinking my coffee.  I came across the Greenstyle Laurel tunic on one such post and then started looking at photos of other versions and then next thing I knew I had purchased the pdf, downloaded and then printed it out.  Second coffee in hand and I’m cutting out the pieces and putting them together.  Before I knew it the day had gone, my cupboards were still messy but I was in possession of a brand new Laurel tunic – so in my book, not a bad day really.

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