Morris blazers in navy and black

Hello Lovelies

Tonight I met up with a group of friends for our Christmas get-together.  I’m always so excited this time of the year with Christmas just around the corner and the thought of time with family, a few treats and of course, delicious turkey meals.

We met up in a fabulous restaurant in a small village which I can see across the bay from my back garden.  I always love the chance to go there as it is one of those places that just lifts my spirits, it is like a breath of fresh air.  As you can see from the photo, most of the houses on the sea front are painted in beautiful, bright and vibrant colours – don’t they look amazing?


Tonight I wore a couple of my current favourite me-mades to the restaurant, my purple Lady Skater dress and my purple Morris blazer.

So why am I telling you about my purple Morris blazer when this blog post is about my navy and black versions?

Well when I wrote my blog post about my purple Morris blazer I noted down the fit issues and the alterations that I planned to incorporate into the next version.

This blog post is about the next two iterations of the Grainline Morris blazer and my conclusions about whether I ended up with a better fitting garment.

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Morris blazer in red velveteen

Hello Lovelies

Oh my gosh the weather has turned chilly here in North Wales.  This is an example of the view from my lounge window for the past couple of weeks:


However, yesterday I awoke to see beautiful blue skies, a sparkling sea and a blanket of snow covering Mount Snowdon – truly it was a breathtaking sight.

With it being November and the prospect of more cold weather here in the UK I decided to make another Morris blazer but this time in a warmer, more sturdy fabric than my previous ponte knit version here.

The pattern

I used the Grainline Morris Blazer pattern which is designed specifically for stable woven or knit fabrics which have some stretch.  I really love this pattern as I often want to dress up an outfit without feeling that I’m overdressed and this jacket just seems to be the perfect match between smart and casual.


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My first Morris blazer and the Guthrie and Ghani knits course

Hello Lovelies

This post is a little out of synch as I made my first Morris blazer (Grainline patterns) last month but I didn’t have my blog up and running until today.


You will no doubt discover very soon that I love knits, they are so comfortable to wear, easy to wash and the best bit of all? For the most part they don’t need ironing – yippee!  Since giving up work, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my iron – basically I hate ironing and if I do all I can to avoid clothes that need ironing.  So for me, knits are perfect.  There was just one teeny tiny problem – I had never sewn a knit in my life and after reading too much on the Internet, I had scared myself into believing that I they were hard to handle.

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