Two Renfrews

Hello Lovelies

I met a friend today for lunch at the fabulous, newly opened, café at Harlech Castle.  They proudly boast of having the best views in the whole of North Wales and I quite agree.  You can see all the way over to the Snowdonia mountain range and indeed Snowdon itself and closer to home there is the beautiful Harlech beach and the sea.

For lunch I enjoyed the most delicious Welsh Rarebit (cheese on toast) made with locally brewed Purple Moose beer on top of freshly baked sour dough bread.  Oh my goodness – it was so delicious I didn’t want to finish it.


I wore my new royal blue Renfrew top as, despite the blue skies, it was decidedly chilly on the walk down.  I am really starting to yearn for warmer weather and to be able to feel the sun on my skin.  At least the daffodils are now coming out into bloom so everything is starting to feel more cheery – it is amazing how much those bright yellow flowers can lift your mood.

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Cowl neck Renfrew in shades of red

Hello Lovelies

Gosh we have been battling the weather here in North Wales.  We have had non stop winds of up to 60 mph and driving rain – uggh.  It gets a bit scary when I’m sewing as I have taken over the two attic rooms and so I am literally just underneath the roof.  The wind keeps lifting the roof tiles then dropping them back down again with a clatter.  This time last year I was up there in similar conditions and could hear the tiles falling down from the roof and smashing to the ground.  I’ll take rain over wind any day thank you very much.

Anyway, onto happier topics.  Here is my second Sewaholic Renfrew top, this time made with the cowl neck version C.


P.S. this photo wasn’t taken today, although I’m sure you have probably already worked that out after my impromptu weather report!

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Renfrew in navy

Hi Lovelies

Well we literally had an hour’s break from the awful rain, wind and fog that has plagued us for the last week here in North Wales. For the first time, in what seemed like ages, the sun came out and it was just gorgeous.  Now most people would think, brilliant, I’ll go for a walk/ do some gardening/ shopping or some other ‘normal’ activity.  However, my first thought was “I’ll get hubby to photograph my backlog of sewing projects”.  A great idea in theory but not so good in practice.  I think dragging him out of a warm, cosy house, especially when he had just made a cup of coffee was probably not the best idea I’ve had this week.  Although it looked nice outside, it was pretty chilly and I think he just wanted to get the task over and done with as quickly as possible.  The final result was an array of blurry photographs with wind blown hair and clothes and even a few photobombed by the dog.  Luckily there were a handful of shots of each project that I’ve managed to salvage so I won’t need to drag him outside again for a few days.  A note to myself in future, perhaps just ask him to photograph one project at a time!

Anyway, onto today’s project – another knit.  Do I work with anything else?  Not very often it seems.  This is made from the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern.


I was initially a little concerned about using this pattern as the largest size on the packet is a size 16 with the following measurements:  B:41″ (finished 43″), W:35″ (finished 39″), Hip: 47″ (finished 45″).  Now that is nowhere near my ample measurements of B: 46″, W: 41″, H: 52″.   However, I reasoned that with it being a knit pattern and if I graded up somewhat I could finish with a top that would fit me.

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