Sunday Sevens #5

Hello again everyone, it is time for my Sunday Sevens.

Sunday Sevens is the brainchild of Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins.  It is a way for you to get to know a bit more about us and what else we do besides sewing.  If you are interested in finding out more pop over to Natalie’s blog and find out how to take part.



Unfortunately I had a bit of an accident last Sunday afternoon.  I wasn’t concentrating when I came out of the house and  I’m still not 100% sure what happened but somehow I lost my balance and I remember falling backwards for what felt like forever then landing smack bang onto the back of my head on the concrete.  The crack was horrendous and I  remember lying there being partly surprised that I was conscious and even better, still in the land of the living.  There was a huge pool of blood under my head and when I tried to sit up but the dizzyness was awful.  My son called an ambulance because of it being a head injury and they were so kind when they arrived, I’m really grateful to them.  They patched me up, checked for signs of concussion and gave me a list of what to look out for incase a sub dural haematoma occurred (which thankfully it didn’t)

At the time I thought I had just banged my head but later on it was apparent that I had also sprained my ankle, hurt my hip and my hand.  Funny how you don’t notice other injuries when something else takes priority.  My brilliant neighbours rallied round, one brought me a walking stick and another an ankle support.

I was pretty rough for a few days and the dizzyness is still a bit of a problem but it is getting better now.



On Tuesday lunchtime my husband drove me down into Harlech so I could meet a freind for lunch.  Normally I’d drive myself (or walk) but the dizzyness meant that driving wasn’t an option.

I had the most delicious Welsh Rarebit (cheese on toast) made with Purple Moose beer (a local brew) – yum yum.  I did manage to avoid the home made cakes – always a difficult task.

This is the view of Harlech castle from the cafe – pretty spectacular eh?

Now did you know that Harlech castle was built by Edward 1st in the 13th Century at a cost of £8190?  Also there is a famous song called Men of Harlech which is about the seige of Harlech castle in 1468.



These photos are from Wednesday evening’s WI meeting.  The lady in the photograph above is Hazel, the founder of Aronia Berry Liqueurs.  She was the guest speaker at the meeting and gave us a talk about how she started her business.  Hazel grows the aronia berry bushes on her farm in Chwilog, just across the bay.  There are only three other people in the UK who grow aronia berries commercially so very few people have heard of them before.  Along with her husband and son, Hazel turns the berries into the most delicious liqueur, chocolate and jam imaginable.  The liqueur is quite similar to sloe gin in taste.


This is my friend Sue and her daughter, Dawn, sampling the liqueur.



This is my hubby.  Now you might wonder why on earth I have put up a photograph of him eating a burger in Macdonalds.  Well for us, it is something that rarely happens and is a weird kind of a treat as our nearest Macdonalds is over an hours drive away.  We get most things we need, including food, delivered to our house and only go to a large town perhaps once every couple of months.  When we do go out we usually try to find a nice restaurant or gastro pub to have lunch.

However, on Friday we had to drive an hour and a half to Rhos on Sea where the nearest sewing machine repair shop is located (last week I posted a photo of the odd stitching my machine was doing).  On the way home we spotted a Macdonalds and I just had a sudden fancy for a fillet-o-fish.



I am a gadget-o-holic – if there is a kitchen gadget then I have to have it, even if I don’t really need it.  Now this has been a bit of a sticky point in our marriage, I have everything from a spiraliser to a sushi maker and pretty much every other gadget inbetween.  But after the initial love affair they inevitably go into a cupboard never to see the light of day again.

Anyway, during the week I saw a post on Facebook where someone had been batch making pies for the freezer and linked to their electric pie maker.  How on earth did I not know that electric pie makers existed?  A quick visit to Amazon and one was winging its way to me the following day.

Here is my very first pie – not bad eh?  I’ve now made 5 different batches and I think my family are becoming fed up with having pies for both lunch and supper.  Maybe I’ll try fruit pies next week.




We had our annual WI dinner on Friday evening at the Royal St David’s golf club.  Son No. 1 took this photo just as we were about to leave.

I hardly ever get the chance to dress up so it was a treat to put on full make up and wear a nice dress.   We had a lovely night catching up with friends and acquaintances and the food was delicious.


This is where we went for our dinner.  I’ve put this photo on especially for Ali from Thimberlina who I know is an avid golfer.  I don’t know much about golf but I’ve been told by quite a few people that it is an extremely good course.  We get a lot of European visitors who come specifically to play on it.



This past week has been fairly warm so it was a bit of a shock to wake up on Saturday morning to see mountains covered with snow.  I always think they look stunning against a beautiful blue sky.

So that was my eventful week.  I’m hoping that next week will be quieter and more importantly, accident free!

Debbie x